One thing that makes me upset about porn is; its not real life.
If my sex life was like a porn, I would be all for it. These days people are so concerned about what other people think of them (I, too, am guilty of this) and they don’t allow themselves to be fully comfortable with who they are sexually.
This is why I enjoy fuck buddies when I’m not in a relationship. They get to know you and what you want and can surprise you pleasantly. I absolutely HATE one night stands. I’ve only had one and I don’t want another. It was awkward. It was boring, because you don’t want to go ahead and say or do something to scare them away. I am a very dirty talker when it comes to sex. But some guys just don’t like that so I like to refrain from it the first time or so. But in porn, THE GIRL DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK. Honestly if I looked better I would probably be in at least one porn just to say I did it. I wouldn’t imagine it would be a fully positive career to have, but it sure as hell does seem to be interesting. Especially for a nympho. Maybe one day I will have an encounter that will seem like a porno…